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We design, develop,
maintain, and host
websites and applications.


On time



About Us

Our company specializes primarily in the development of websites and web applications. Following current trends that prioritize flexibility and ease of use, we build our websites on high-quality content management systems such as WordPress and Drupal. We employ solutions that have been widely tested and used, and we also apply customized unique functionality tailored to the client’s business needs. Perhaps our greatest advantage is our specialization in various market segments: from personal introduction pages to portals that receive thousands of daily visitors; whether the goal is conveying information or acquiring customers through an online store, we offer solutions.

In contrast to our competitors, we provide full lifecycle support for web solutions, from planning and server environment setup to fine-tuning performance.

The diversity of businesses and people we have encountered has helped us establish our experience, so there is virtually no platform or complex problem that we have not dealt with.


We deal with

Your idea, from development to completion. It sounds simple.


If you want a unique and responsive appearance on all targeted devices, our UX/UI developer will get in touch with you, but we will definitely need you to show us the way.

Web development

In addition to the usual PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript toolset, we solve design and development tasks on the website using AI and server-side tools.

ERP systems

Our company's experts are available for corporate ERP system development to assist our clients in achieving greater efficiency and increasing competitiveness.

Research and Development

Keeping innovation in mind, we stand at the forefront of pioneering solutions. We harness the power of research to transform our activities and make possible what has previously seemed impossible.


By performing monotonous daily operational tasks and utilizing automated analytical and maintenance processes, we can ensure data security, uptime, cybersecurity, data integrity, and GDPR compliance.


We have developed our server infrastructure for WordPress websites, where daily backups, change management, and real-time monitoring are available by default to all our clients.



Designers, developers, system administrators, dedicated. That's who we are.

From scratch

Sometimes it's best to start from the beginning. Even if we start from scratch. With our free consulting service, you can already be prepared for your new online presence.

Refresh the old

If your website is outdated or you've grown tired of it, or perhaps you need a new one to achieve better SEO results, we offer a quick and reliable solution for its implementation.


Are you tired of slow loading times? Fed up with waiting for things to appear? Do you have a WordPress website that relies on a multitude of plugins? Well, we don't like the mindless stacking of modules either.

One for All

Our development team, which has been evolving for years, can meet all needs. Therefore, there is no need to involve more and more companies and developers in the work. It's better when everything is in one hand. However, synchronizing partner companies can be 'entertaining,' but mostly painful.

Hybrid systems

The results of our applied technologies show that we can simply, cost-effectively, and with high efficiency build various systems using the WordPress engine. As a result, you see and use WordPress, but the engine is special and optimized for the task.

Microservice architecture

To elevate software design to a new level, creating small, independently developable and operable microservices that allow our customers to maximize the scalability and maintainability of the systems.







Maintained Website




In Details

What do we do, how do we do it, and why do we do it?


It’s hard to believe, but one of the most important tasks in a successful project is good and reliable communication, accessibility, and a close client relationship.


Project Management

In possession of a plan, we can provide a route for the team. Well, yes, but an iterative plan works much better. We use Scrum and Kanban as agile methodologies in every development process to be more realistic.


Software development

In addition to WordPress techniques based on PHP, mySQL, Html, Css, JavaScript, and JQuery foundations, we have expanded our expertise to areas such as Node.js, React, Symfony, Laravel, Python, AI, plugin development, and server-side scripting.


WordPress template, Plugin development, Maintenance

If you already have an idea for a website, we can customize it or create a unique theme based on graphic materials. Sometimes, additional backend programming may also be necessary, such as developing plugins. You can leave the regular monitoring and maintenance of the website to us if you’d like; we can also be partners in this aspect if you prefer.

Theme Development

ERP System Development

Our experienced team of experts in ERP system development offers customized solutions that maximize the efficiency and processes of the company. Through our extensive experience and advanced technological knowledge, we modernize and optimize the existing ERP system to fully meet the business needs.

Plugin Development

Research, Development

Our research and development activities are centered around innovation and technological advancement to create new solutions and products in response to the challenges of the future. Our dedicated research team follows the latest scientific and technological trends to translate our emerging ideas into practice, thereby facilitating the success of our clients and partners.


Artificial Intelligence

By using artificial intelligence, we take our software development services to a new level to provide innovative and efficient solutions for our clients.


Server and VPS installation, security, and maintenance

Don’t forget that choosing the most suitable server solution can be difficult, and the installation is as critical as uploading the website. If we need a stable website, then we need to pay attention to both the server and the application. A synergistic system, one solution. One application.

Server and Website


We provide stable WordPress hosting services in both Europe and the United States. Choosing the difference between shared, VPS, dedicated, and managed services can be difficult; just consult with us. We have the answer.


Our Prices

Our general WordPress developer packages are tailored to general needs.
Theme Based

300 USD

* as low as

  • One Premium Theme
  • One Time Installation
  • Base Security
  • Base Cache
  • Base SEO
  • 3 Hours Dedicated Developer Time
  • 24/7 Customer service

1,000 USD

* as low as

  • 2 Mockups
  • 1 Design
  • Active Security
  • Goal-Oriented Cache
  • Marketing-Ready SEO
  • Social Integration
  • Dedicated Developer Time
  • 24/7 Costumer Service

1,500 USD

* as low as

  • 2 Mockups
  • 1 Website Design
  • 1 eCommerce Design
  • Active Security
  • Goal-Oriented Cache
  • Marketing-Ready SEO
  • Social Integraration
  • WooCommerce Setup
  • Payment Gateways
  • Shipping Modules
  • Newsletter Integration
  • Dedicated Developer Time
  • 24/7 Costumer Service


Excellent cooperation

In recent years, we have worked together several times, and we have always achieved excellent results. We would be happy to work with them again.


Great teamwork…

They performed excellently and the cooperation went smoothly, meeting our expectations.


Thanks everyone for working on the project

 It was great working with you – will look for more opportunities to collaborate on projects in the future!


Solved: The website has stopped


You Rock, and thank you for your help!!!! I am trying my best to take care of our clients while the boss is away. So far only a couple things that are not going to plan.



Quick Fixes

You’re a star as always 

Well done Gabbi xxxx

This looks SOOOO much better Gabi – well done.


Marketing Consultant


Thank you! That was excitement for a Fri night. It was so random. Some would appear…then not. I thought I was losing my mind.



Why We?

We believe in what we do. Moreover, we love it.

By combining software design and IT operations, we can shorten the development lifecycle, deliver personalized features, enhancements, and updates that closely align with business objectives.

software development

In the case of ad-hoc or maintenance tasks, we can use Kanban, while for long-term and iterative projects, we can use Scrum to measure, plan, and manage the work and development process, as well as create detailed reports at the end of sprints.


Using a Git repository is a secure tool essential for saving development states, collaborating within the team, and making progress. Code revision, summarization, and history creation are of great help to both clients and developers.

planning and management

Before we start the actual project, we gather all the information, then plan, make estimates, set up a calendar with milestones to be able to meet all deadlines and plans. However, never forget that we also need client interaction.


To meet every need, every vision, and every plan is essential. Our goal is to bring to life the model envisioned by the customer. Following the business plan is necessary because it helps us ensure the achievement of predictable, fair results.


The team performs unit, selenium, and cross-browser testing directly before the launch of the website. This is important to avoid interruptions and ensure quality assurance. By using Dev, stage, and live workspaces, we can ensure the identity of the versions.


The microservices architecture allows teams to independently develop, deploy, and scale individual services. This model enhances agility, resilience, and scalability, enabling rapid innovation and reducing downtime. Additionally, it empowers teams to be more autonomous, resulting in smoother and faster deployments.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing industries, enhancing data analysis, and automating complex tasks. Its potential is enormous, ranging from healthcare to finance. Embracing AI can lead to fundamental changes, offering solutions that were once considered impossible.


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