Focusing on

Set Up

Normally a VPS / server / application environment comes with a general setup and a lot of additional features to install. This is fantastic for general requirements, but because requirements are never general, every website / application must have a special setup for the planned special activity.


If you think that your system is safe and it is not under attack, we have to inform you, this is just a temporary state. We have to close all backdoors, fix all entry points, apply all patches, in other words protect it with the best shield we ever had, to keep it steady. And of course, it must be done recently.

Application Development

Because special case needs special reaction, we are well prepared for developing applications for a wide range of needs. Having the experience in several programming languages, environments, algorithms and techniques makes easy to implement the perfect code aka the perfect solution.

Take Care

Four critical words. Backup, monitor, recover, clean.

With the help of these services, you will be able to interfere before any critical situation happens, or if it happened, all of your data and functionality will remain intact and the full system can be recovered.


Every server and application has it’s own setup. In order to get the best performance out of a well planned server architecture we have to fine-tune all parts together. Once we have it, it will act like one living unit and will work like a charm, as needed.


In order to keep the server / website in it’s best shape, we have to install all upcoming updates, retouch the changed configurations, apply the newest patches and security packages. It is not acceptable to leave the server alone for a long time and check it only when an error occurs.

Loaded with


From server, through applications, to marketing.

One partner, one solution ’till success. All in one. So easy.


Products for the fast, automatized workflow. Services for being well covered. Cloud to be sure.


Dream. Have a vision. Let it be. Take it easy. Relax. Earn.

Let us plan, take control, develop, manage. Well done.

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